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Fire Suppression

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Hydrostatic TestingA commercial kitchen hood system is a key purchase for any commercial foodservice establishment. Not having the proper commercial hood system and fire suppression system can not only cost your business valuable income, but also create an unsafe environment for you, your employees and your customers.

safety equipment companyRestaurants are a hazardous environment that is unique and different than any other type of location. Most restaurants have a need to cook food quickly and get it out to paying customers who are waiting to eat. Restaurants often have cooks or chefs, waiters, and other employees that are sharing a sometimes small area. In addition, many restaurant kitchens have fryers which are designed to cook French fries and other food at very high temperatures. Almost all restaurants use some sort of grease, cooking oil, or animal fat in the cooking process.

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fire sprinkler installationAll commercial restaurants need a restaurant fire suppression system installed in the range hood. Newer restaurant fire suppression systems contain a liquid which will spray on the fire and cooking surface if the temperature of a fire reaches a certain temperature. The normal temperature at which the restaurant fire suppression system activates is at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. But, some restaurant fire suppression systems may activate at varying degrees. For example restaurants that use a wood or some other form of solid fuel in the cooking process (a char grill) may use fusible links in the restaurant fire suppression system that activate at 500 degrees. Only a professional fire protection company can make this determination based on many factors.

fire safety equipmentIn addition to the restaurant fire suppression system contained in the range hood, restaurants are also required to have at least one k-class type fire extinguisher located within 30 feet of the cooking appliances.

Trained Hood System Specialists to assist you in designing the best system to fit your needs.

When properly engineered, these Fireboy Total Flooding Clean Agent Systems fire suppression systems will suppress surface burning fire in Class A, B, and C hazards.
  • fire extinguishersProtects engine rooms and machinery spaces
  • Coverage up to 17,300 cubic feet
  • No water
  • No oily powdery residue
  • Total flooding system

FES System listings and approvals:

  • USCG
  • ABS Approval
  • FES RINA Approval
  • FES MED - Marine Equipment Directive
  • NOVEC Type Approval
  • MCA Certified

HFC-227ea (DuPont™ FM-200®) fire extinguishant listings and approvals:

  • fire and safety equipment companyMaritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA)
  • RINA
  • Factory Mutual (FM)
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • NFPA 2001
  • Australian Industrial Chemicals Notification
  • German Institute for Environmental Hygiene and Medicine